• Exterior pattern draws you into the welcoming entrance
• Specially designed light hanging over the Icecube lobby table is designed by Minarc
• represents bird nest
• Wool curtains linking the onward Icelandic material with the pattern outside
• Green Icelandic birch warms up the entrance
• Mirror behind desk and in ceiling gives sense of a larger space and reflects the street buzz
• The sofa is custom made to fit in the window seating area
• A hanging seat will be next to the lift
• Staff will wear dresses made by Icelandic designer and wear Icelandic jewellery made by nearby jeweller


• Create an endless view with dark mirror at end
• Lights are controlled by movement – come on when you enter and give you the sense of magic
• lights and room numbers give you a sense of optical illusion as visual sense differs
• Room numbers closest to lift are larger than the ones on bedrooms down the hallway
• Impressive entrance to bedroom floors
• All bedroom doors have the sound isolation of 45db

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